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July 29th, 2005

11:45 pm - Oh My
Well....I was surprised to find any posts on here....Had kind of forgotton about it since I quit using livejournal. Well...I'm back. Sorry I let things die down a little lol.

I haven't done a ride since May...Klicktat Trek. Its not that Im not interested anymore, just decided to take a break from endurance for awhile (i know...*gasp*).

My grandma's endurance horse, Saud, had to be put down a couple weeks ago (rip), so my horse, isaac, went to cheer her up a bit. Better than him gettin all chubby.

Well....I'm glad some people were interested in this group!

Current Mood: surprisedsurprised
Current Music: Hawthorne Heights

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July 27th, 2005

02:16 pm - Cool Tevis photos
These were taken by Jim Mitchell a couple years ago (or maybe just last year) but they're really good shots of most of the main points of interest on the trail. Bummer that there's none in the canyons or after Foresthill, but it was dark by then anyway. No one knows what that trail looks like. ;)
I don't think I want to know what the California Loop looks like in the daylight. Might scare me too much to ever do it again.

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July 26th, 2005

01:57 pm - TEVIS!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I got back yesterday, but I had about 600 messages to
wade through, and work is insane. So I haven't had time
to put my thoughts in order...

Anyway, the Tevis race went really well this year. I
ditched my friends, sort of unintentionally, but I
wasn't really sorry about it. At the first (lunchtime)
hour-long hold, I left about 4 minutes before them, at
least, my scheduled time to leave was about 4 minutes
ahead. But they never caught up with me, even though I
went really slow, waiting for them. I gave up. I had
been wanting to "ride my own ride" for the last couple
years, and as much as I enjoy the company of friends,
it is really much more pleasant to go my own horses'
pace, to enter & exit the vet checks when I'm ready to
do so, and to not have to concern myself over other
people. I know they're grown women that I don't have
to worry about, but it's just natural to keep an eye
on your companions and care about how they're doing.

So I went a lot faster this year than the last years. Check out my times here:

Mainly because Smokey's pulse is so low, that when we
get to vet checks, he's already met the criteria
(usually 64 bpm) long before anyone else is. We passed
maybe 50 riders that way. We'd come in around the same
time, but leave minutes ahead of everyone else. I also
didn't dawdle at the stops. I took advantage of the
volunteers, let them feed my horse while I grabbed
food, or went to the bathroom. I know that Smokey is
calm & easy for others to handle, and that he'll eat
or drink if that's what he needs to do. I don't have
to worry much about him, he takes care of himself very

It was good I went faster, because that way I was able
to leave the dinnertime hour-long hold while it was
still light. This is the first time I've done that! So
I really hauled ass in the last hour of daylight,
because I knew that as soon as darkness settled in I'd
be really sick. And I was. I'm not sure the solution
to this problem. I ate well, I was hydrated ... I
don't know why but I still threw up at the 86-mile
checkpoint. But I rode with a really nice man who
wanted to stay with me because my horse knew the
trail, and he wasn't in any hurry so he kept with me
and was really kind. He let me lead (which helps with
the motion sickness a LOT) and let me set my own
pretty slow pace.

At 4:00 a.m. we came upon the bright lights of the
Auburn Fairgrounds and I gratefully handed my horse to
my parents, gave Scott (the guy I rode with) his coat
back (I was shivering) and fell into bed. Smokey
looked great the whole time. He was yanking on the bit
the entire ride, and got all A's on his vet cards at
nearly every vet check. I was so proud of him because
he really took care of me, especially near the end
when I was practically asleep in the saddle (or
throwing up over the side of it) and yet he walked a
very nice fast walk and followed the trail even when I
didn't know where it was due to the darkness. What a
guy! He's simply amazing.

I slept most of sunday, and all sunday night. I swear,
my body was just telling me "I need to recouperate.
Hang on a little bit, let me rest!" I am not really
sore, but man, did I need that sleep.

maybe more later.

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01:30 pm
I just got home from Auburn- and the TEVIS CUP. I crewed for two frineds-Jonni from Texas and Dave Rabe in Navada. Both riders and horses finished at 4:45am- and their horses looked amazing. It was Dave's 8th buckle and Jonni's 1st. The horses, Hank and Thunder, did an awesome job-they are true endurance horses now. I saw many friends, a lot of incredible horses, and toughhhh riders. My horse and I will earn a buckle one day...

(pictures soon)

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March 30th, 2005

12:01 pm
Your Name: Sara
Age: 19
Where you live: Lakeview Terrace, California (Right outside of L.A.)
The discipline you ride: Endurance riding, trail riding, driving
If you have a horse, what breed/gender/age/etc: Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa, Blue List 3 year old rose grey Arabian stallion, 'Ravenwood Mareekh' or "maleekh." His grandsire is the leading SE stallion, RG AL Mone. I just started Maleekh under saddle, and hopefully in 3 years we will be hitting the endurance trail. My family also owns an arabian mare, a 1/2 arab 1/2 QH gelding, a standardbred stallion(soon to be gelding)and a QH/appy mare.

Anyone else own a SE Arabian? or any Arab...

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March 22nd, 2005

11:01 pm
I've been searching for something that was honestly different from all the
"natural training" that's out there. I wanted some way to develop a truly
trusting relationship with my horses but couldn't seem to quite "reach them" no
matter what I did (or didn't do.) Now I know why, and I understand why so many
horse owners are still having so many "problems" with their horses.

I've emailed and talked with the creator (and personal coach) who offers a
unique Distance Learning program with daily email support and guidance. I've
also talked with others who have "tried everything under the sun" before using
Friendship Training and am convinced it is what my horses and I have so
desperately needed all along.

No Round Pens. No whips. No Sticks. No Clickers. No Gadgets. No Gimmicks.

Just a horse and a human developing levels of trust, communication,
understanding and intimacy that many horse owners dream about, but few ever achieve.

If you want to learn the real cause of "horse problems," how to prevent them
and develop that enviable "oneness" with your horse, please visit

http://www.thenaturalhorse.org/ or naturalhorse101@thenaturalhorse.org

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January 23rd, 2005

01:33 am
hey, nice to find an endurance community, even if it's a little... dead.
i want to do endurance. so far i've mostly just dabbled, but i'm working on it. i'm selling my arab to buy my sister's one-eyed mustang, who i've been leasing for a couple years. she is far more appropriate for me sizewise, and i've bred her to an arabian stallion for a march baby. as of right now, she's too preggy for hard riding, and i'm laying off of my arab, jack, and just working on manners -- we did one endurance ride last season, a 25-miler, his first, and came in 4th out of 31. i was so proud!

i am the only boarder at my barn who is into endurance -- they're all western pleasure, with a couple of dressage riders -- so i'm looking for endurance riders to talk to online, so i can learn more. i hope to be able to begin conditioning tekara again in august, so that she'll be ready for some 25s or 50s in the summer of '06 (and i'll be at tevis in the year 2012 on the baby! i hope!)

oh -- i'm also a part-time college student and a full-time paralegal.

and now for the important part:

the kidsCollapse )

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December 10th, 2004

10:17 am - hi.
I'm an endurance rider.
Well, most of the time I'm a graphic designer, but I try to be an endurance rider too. I've done Tevis 2 times. Well, finished 2 times. Started 4 times.
Anyway, have you all checked out the Arabian Horse World web site lately? They've got web logs there now, and there are blogs from different staff as well as some pretty famous arabian horse trainers. It's pretty interesting. I know the show world is a far cry from the endurance world, but since I love my Arabians, I am always interested in what's going on with the breed as a whole. And Arabian Horse World publishes lots of endurance articles these days, which is super cool.


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July 23rd, 2004

08:08 pm
Yes, this is the only one thats really for ENDURANCE...the rest are just kind of crowded horse ones in general. i need to post something about it in my journal...but yea, just you and me so far!!


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06:10 pm
Is this the only endurance community?
Current Mood: calmcalm

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