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July 30th, 2005

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12:13 pm - New
Hey everyone, Glad I FINALLY found an endurance community! I've been looking for a while.

Anyways, my name is Jess and I'm 19. I've only ever done one endurance ride, however I conditioned for three of them a year, they just never seeme to pan out. I am planning on the So Cal Manzanita One on OCtober First this year. I have a new mare [4.5 years] that I will be using, and it'll be her first time. My old mare, Bint Zonessa, is 19 and too old now to be doing endurance rides.

My last endurance ride info: 25 miles in four hours, twenty one minutes. Pretty slow pace, but I was with my trainer at the time, and she doesn't do them too fast. Ended up in 44th place out of a hundred or so.

NOT my goal this year. I want at least top 20, ten if I can really do it. Only problem is I only have unti October first, which is when the ride is. What do you guys do to get your horses in shape? We have lots of hills, which I use to my advantage, and lots of traills from the california riding and hiking trail.

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Date:July 31st, 2005 06:58 am (UTC)
very nice horse! love the pink tack :)

if my horse has a base, i usually start out with a lot of collected/extended trot work....hills, flats, anything, as long as its a long ride. that legs him up, makes sure he has the muscle and strength to handle faster paces. after about 3 weeks of doing that (at least a few rides per week), i start doing shorter rides, but faster (say...extended trot, mostly lope, some gallop). this builds up his cardio. i try to take it easy for the week before the race, slower rides, just to makes sure he keeps his shape....

its worked well for 2300 miles anyways. but every horse is different to. i started my horse on SLOW (like 10 hours) 50 mile rides when he was 5. after about 250 miles, i started on 12-13 hour 75 milers....his 2nd season, we started him on slow 100's. I never got Top 10 in a 50 miler till we had been in it for like 3 years (when i became a senior).

I top 10 all rides now, top 5 when we're feeling good. have an excellent completion rate....but he's also 11 years old now. we put a good 3 year base of slow rides before i ever started speeding up much. i think thats why we can do so well now. it seems like when you start out a horse too fast, esp when their young, they tend to burn out within a couple years.

but its the preference of the rider and each horse is unique. good luck on your ride in october! southern cali rides are tough!

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